Amateur Wedding Photography Tips


If you want to show off your photography skills then wedding photography can be profitable, fun and great way. Being a pro to document the special occasion isn’t necessary even in the presence of many professional wedding photographers in the industry. Before the special moment of the wedding, there is always a lot of stress going on, not only for the couple but also for the photographer. If you want to learn the way of taking some amazing shots on the wedding, check out the following tips and wedding photography that can help you become a professional photographer.

Create a list:-

It might seem useless but is quite helpful and one of the important wedding photography tips, because it might happen that you’ll forget to capture the happy moments of the couple with their family members while taking so many photos here and there. Creating the short list of the shots that couple would like you to capture would be great because it will help you recall the important element.

Scout the Location:-

Visiting the area where you’ll be shooting before the big day would be more helpful for you. Most pros don’t use this technique while it is helpful to understand the location where we’re going, to get an idea of a few positions for shots and to find out that how the light might come into use.

Preparation is the key to success:-

You need to be well prepared to prevent anything from going wrong on the day. Having charge batteries, a backup plan (in the case of bad weather), and blank memory cards would help you save yourself from any kind of unfortunate embarrassment. Consider thinking about the route and the time to get to the location. It would be great to attend the rehearsal of the ceremony if possible because it will help you gather a lot of useful information about the lighting, the positions to shoot from, and the order of the ceremony etc.

Discuss with the couple:-

Show your work/style to the couple and find out what they are looking to achieve. You must ask them about their wishes regarding photography because you’re covering the special event of their life. Ask them the required number of shots they want and the key things that they want to be recorded.

Turn off the sound of your camera:-

Switch off the sound before hand and keep it off, because beeps during speeches, the kiss and vows don’t add to the event.

Utilize these tips and start your professional career by covering the next wedding event in an outstanding way.