Top 5 Printers for Photographers


Compromising on the quality of the photographs would make a good photographer very uncomfortable. Good photos are a result of time, energy, and skills and if the printer isn’t good enough people might not be able to see the results of your hard work and your effort may go unappreciated.

There are a number of printers that are especially made for photographer who want their pictures to turn out beautifully on paper the way they looked on their computer. So if you are looking for a printer to print high quality pictures, then you have come to the right place. Enlisted below is a list of top 5 printers for photographers.

1.     Epson Stylus Photo R2880

This printer is one of the most expensive machines out there. Although it came out in 2008, it is still known for its amazing printing capabilities. Even the black and white photos reach to such a high quality which is impossible to reach while using other printers.

2.     Canon PIXMA MG7550 All-in-One Wi-Fi Printer

This Canon printer has a built-in Wi-Fi which makes the printing process a lot easier for photographers who are looking to save time. It’s a high quality printer perfect for photographers who can’t afford an expensive printer like the one mentioned above. This printer is user friendly which make the process significantly simple.

3.     Epson Stylus Photo 1500W A3 Printer

This printer is a less expensive machine than the Espon Stylus Photo R2880. But even for a low price the quality of this printer is amazing. This printer is targeted towards the photographers that are looking for a printer that doesn’t create a hole in their pocket but can’t compromise on quality. The built-in Wi-Fi allows photographers to use their iPhones to expedite the printing process.

4.     Canon Selphy CP910

This compact printer is not only perfect for a small space but for a mid-range budget too. The price of this printer is around $80. You can also get this printer to print yourself ID card pictures which takes convenience to another level. It also has a slot for USB to make the printing process convenient.

5.     HP Envy 120

This printer is definitely one of the most attractive printers that are out there in the market. You can also use the HP Envy to charge your phone. The speed of the printing process is also fast.